What if you could feel happier, brighter, smarter, patient-er (is that a word?) and creative-er (ok, I know that’s not a word)?

You are one smart, health-conscious lady, (dark chocolate IS a health food, dammit!) and you’re over getting one-size-fits-all, generic advice on “healthy living.”

Some mornings you wake up and wonder:

“When did I get so OLD?”

You try something for a bit. It kinda works, kinda doesn’t.

And then, before you know it, it gets tossed aside like those hastily written directions (now on the floor of the car) that you got off of MapQuest before running out the door.

You feel tired, achy, kinda wonky in your belly, creatively stuck, un-sexy, disconnected, like the spark in your eye has fizzled and died and like the hunger in your belly has lost its good taste.

You feel connected to something “bigger,” and you want to deepen that connection, but sometimes all that yoga “bliss” stuff makes you wanna gag.

I feel you.

At 41…yep, I said 41…and as an artist and the mama of a 5 year-old, I’ve been there. I’ve been sick and tired, and sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have tried following other people’s direction (often half-heartedly) even when I wasn’t convinced it would make me feel better.

The first time I went to an Ayurvedic doctor, more than 15 years ago, I stunned him into silence with my health history and my laundry list of symptoms and health complaints…Seriously:

  • A childhood loaded with antibiotics (strep “carrier,” whatever the hell that is)
  • Physical therapy for crappy knees
  • Foot surgery
  • Sinus surgery
  • Colon surgery
  • Depression AND anxiety
  • Many (too many) years of trying an herb or a supplement, or a diet or an exercise regime cause “I heard that’s good for x,y,z…”

And to top it all off, cancer at 31.

Today, I am happy to say, the only pharmaceutical I take is thyroid hormone (turns out you gotta take that once you have your thyroid removed to avoid the nasty side-effect of death). I’ve only taken an Advil 5 or 6 times in more than 10 years (because sometimes it’s not ok to just grin and bear it). Even herbs and supplements I take very sparingly.



Good food, rest, creative expression, time in nature, good friends, meditation, and yoga…


They’re all on my map these days.

Have you ever wished you could just know what to do instead of piecing together directions from strangers?

I can help you actually BE in your life so you can FEEL what’s working and what’s not. So you can stop the endless direction-asking and TUNE IN to what’s right for you.

I can teach you how to relax into your own experience and take stock of what’s there. I can give you the tools to help you clear your mind, open your heart and re-ignite the fire in your belly, using diet, lifestyle, herbs, yoga and creative expression.

I have lived in India, France and all over the US and traveled extensively in Thailand and Central and South America. I’ve worked with teachers, students and clients each place I’ve lived and traveled. I studied Ayurveda in the classical style, living with my teachers in India and rising before the sun to study text with them.

My path has been twisty-turny, but it’s mine.

YOUR path may be crooked, but it’s YOUR path.



You’ll never get to YOUR center by following someone else’s path. It’s time to draw your own map, sister.

I have a talent for making things simple, accessible, doable and pleasurable. (Read what some of my students and clients have to say)…


I also believe in the power of symbols and adornment. I make medicine jewelry, or talismans for some of my clients. I guess you could call it “spiritual” jewelry, but you’ll never see an Om or a curvy goddess come from my hands.

On my path I have never had a moment of huge revelation when the clouds opened up and wisdom was zapped into my head. What I know I have earned through hard work, trial and error. Over the years I have collected many tools. Each of them has their purpose and place. Each of them has carried me closer to where I am today.

And, I might be an “expert” in self-care, but I still get some help from time to time. The thing is, even when we know what’s good for us, sometimes we need some gentle encouragement, some inspiration and some simple human contact and CARE from someone else.

And the only good maps for a happy life,

are the ones that get redrawn from time to time.

I can’t keep this all inside of me. It’s nature and nature wants to bubble forth, to spread, to heal and to nourish.

For me it’s as simple as breathing, dancing, playing, eating, sleeping…

I want you to feel the power of nature and natural wisdom pulsing through you, carrying you through your life. Our work together will leave you feeling vibrant, alive, sexy, inspired, soulful, silly, clear-minded, calm, excited, open-hearted, loved, loving, connected, natural, powerful, receptive, hungry, satisfied…human.

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Do what you wanna do!

My practical cred:

  • I’ve been practicing yoga since 1996 and teaching it since 2001. (200 ERYT with Yoga Alliance)
  • My Ayurveda studies began in 2001 and deepened with my first trip to India later that year. (Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor with NAMA)
  • I lived in India from late 2001 to mid-2003, studying Ayurveda, massage and Homeopathy.
  • I returned to India in 2005 and 2006, apprenticing with an Ayurvedic doctor in his clinic for over 6 months.
  • I participated in an advanced herbalist course at California School of Herbal Studies.
  • I volunteered for 2 years with Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco, CA.
  • I have enjoyed working with men, women and children at all stages of life since 2001 through Hatha Yoga and since 2005 through Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Wanna know more about me? (like the whole, long health drama?)