Hey there!

So, maybe you’re here because:

You have a question, or…

You have these little, nagging health issues that you just can’t seem to get to the bottom of, or…

You have a hard time deciding what to eat so that you feel good (and that vegan smoothie with chia seeds didn’t fix all your woes overnight), or…

You find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep at night, or…

You feel disconnected from your creative energy, from nature or from your own body.

The # 1 thing everyone wants to know is:

“How the heck can I feel better and make healthy changes that work best for ME?”

And I bet you have even followed lots of advice to try to feel better. The thing is, those things you tried might not have been the things that were right for YOU.

Because each one of us is unique (even you :-P), and we each need a different special sauce recipe to help us feel great.
It turns out that:

Food is your medicine and your medicine should taste good.

Sleep and rest are opportunities for incredible healing and incubation for things to come.

The energy of sex drives your creativity and your ability to connect with yourself, with others and with nature.

I believe that your “gut-feeling” is the best healing tool you’ve got and you can strengthen your connection to your intuition. I believe that a conscious relationship with these 3 things—food, sleep and sex—forms the foundation of a meaningful, happy life.

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