Hey there!

Real quick, before you decide to apply to work with me 1:1 or through one of my programs, please remember that you are entering into this process to take more responsibility for your own life. I am not a doctor and I am not your mother (unless I am…Milo, get off the computer!). The health advice I provide is for educational purposes. If you choose to implement something you have read on this site or learned in one of my in-person or online courses, it’s up to you to gauge the usefulness of that advice in your life. If, at any point, you are in doubt about whether it would be wise for you to apply these concepts to your own life and health, please consult with a trusted medical practitioner.

Know that what I have to offer you works best if:

  • You’re excited by the idea of taking responsibility for your health, life and well-being.
  • You’re not afraid to try some new things, even if they might seem a bit kooky.
  • You have a yoga or meditation practice and you would like to take it to a deeper level.
  • Or you don’t yet have a yoga or meditation practice, but you would like to develop one.
  • You are a creative person, but feel like you sometimes get “stuck” during the process of self-expression.

But it’s probably not your best bet if:

  • You want easy, cookie-cutter answers that “sorta” work.
  • You aren’t willing to commit to take at least 20 minutes each day to take care of yourself.
  • You’re hoping someone else can whoosh your problems away.
  • You don’t want to take on the work of getting to know yourself deeply.

With all that in mind, I look forward to hearing from you!

Please feel free to email me with any questions at: susan@foodsleepandsex.com

All material provided by Susan Fauman or www.foodsleepandsex.com is provided for informational or educational purposes only.

Speak with your qualified health care practitioner or medical doctor regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition.

The instructions and advice presented by Susan Fauman and www.foodsleepandsex.com are in no way intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical counseling. The information should be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician.

Consult your physician before beginning any diet and lifestyle program as you would any detox, weight loss or weight maintenance program. Your physician should be aware of all medical conditions that you may have as well as the medications and supplements you are taking.

As with any medical advice, the information found in this document should be used with caution by patients on dialysis on diuretics or diabetes medication, with liver or gallbladder disease or on any medications or by pregnant or nursing women.