Have you ever had that feeling like something’s crawling on your arm? And you jump up and then look. And it’s a feather…or a dust bunny…or your sleeve. Before you knew what it was (and depending on your history with creepy-crawly things) you had a whole story in your mind.

Usually as soon as we experience a sensation, we almost immediately characterize it as pleasant or unpleasant. By the time you have that thought though, you’ve already missed out on the moment of your experience itself.
Keira, letting the ocean touch her.
Our sense of touch evolved with us from our most rudimentary beginnings. It may be the most urgent and the most nourishing of all of your senses: study after study has shown that normal mental and emotional development slows down (or regresses) with a lack of positive touch.

You can, of course, feel touch all over your body, but we associate the hands with our sense of touch most clearly. This connects it directly into the heart center, offering and receiving from that space.

Aurelie, touching the clouds.
Try this short meditation for connecting more with your sense of touch:

  • Find a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes.
  • Resting your hands on your thighs, turn your right hand palm upwards.
  • Focus your attention on the sensations on the palm of your right hand and stay focused there until the sensation starts to intensify.
  • Imagine the sensation on your palm like a cloud of sparkling energy that wraps around to the back of your hand, then up the forearm and to your shoulder. Continue across your shoulders, back and chest, up your neck, scalp and face and down your torso to your legs and feet until your whole body is enveloped in a cloud of sensation.
  • Stay with the sensation for a few more minutes. Close the practice by bringing the palms of your hands together and taking a moment to feel the 2 hands gently pressing one another.

Try this short audio version of a slightly different practice: Noticing the Gunas

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