Most weekdays, I spend a lot of time in front of my computer or at my jewelry workbench by myself. It can get a bit lonely and disconnected feeling.

Last week I ran a little experiment. I wanted to see how I could inspire myself and others to connect more with our experience. To slow down a bit and feel the world around us and also to reach through these funny inter-webs and connect more with each other, as well.

I have to say, the experiment was pretty successful. By the end of the week, each of us who played my Healy-Feely game had undergone some sensual healing. So, I wanted to share the wealth, starting with hearing.

Once, when I lived in India, I went to a meditation retreat at this beautiful center populated with monkeys and peacocks. I thought I had arrived in paradise and I envisioned 10 days of silence, surrounded by these exotic creatures.

The first morning I settled on my cushion in the meditation hall and closed my eyes. Suddenly, a loud “SQUAWK!” tore through the air. I mean, have you ever heard a peacock yell? And then there were the bands of monkeys racing across the roof every so often. All I can say is…not so peaceful. (It held a lesson of it’s own, though).

Sound has such an immense impact on us. And it has the potential to inform us in so many ways. A pot on the stove sizzles in a shifting symphony of sound as its contents transform over the heat. The tone of someone’s voice can communicate unspoken details. Sounds in your environment—whether you’re consciously aware of them or not—have incredible power over your state of mind. (This is one of the reasons why silence can be such a great medicine.)

Try this short meditation practice to connect with your sense of hearing.

Opening Your Hearing

  • Find a quiet-ish place. Ideally it would be somewhere out in nature, but it could be your room, your office or your car, too.
  • Sitting comfortably, take a few moments to feel the earth under you and to connect with and deepen your breath into your belly. 
  • Now turn your attention to the sounds in the room where you are sitting. Don’t grasp at the sounds, try to just let them come in and out of your awareness.
  • Start to expand your awareness outwards in stages. Notice sounds just outside the room, resting there for a minute or two before expanding out further.
  • Keep extending your hearing out to the farthest sound you can hear. Don’t strain, just open your hearing to the sounds.
  • Now gradually bring your scope of hearing back in, closer and closer. Breathe deeply. When you are ready, open your eyes and finish your practice.
  • Clap your hands together and rub them vigorously until they are warm. Then rub your warm palms back and forth over your ears, breathing the warmth into them.

Each of your senses is a great tool not just for connecting with your world, but for connecting with yourself. My upcoming course, Your Body: An Owner’s Manual will give you practical, beautiful tools for building your intuition and self-awareness while taking care of your body, mind and heart. Registration opens June 1st!

Have any questions? Drop me a line, I’m listening!