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Your Body: An Owner's Manual

An on-line Self-Care toolkit

Your Body: An Owner's Manual is a personalized remedy to the disconnect of modern life. It's practical, grounded spirituality. It's the intersection between the wind on your skin, the flutter in your gut and your feet in the dirt.

I know...

 -> You're tired of the fight that goes on between your body, heart and mind, and you want them all to be friends instead.

 -> You can feel that some foods and habits "work" for you, and some don't, but you're not sure why.

 -> You have so many tools for self-care, but you fall out of the habit of using them, because it feels overwhelming and you don't know where to start.

Instead, imagine...

+ Having simple self-care practices that work with the ups and downs of your life.

+ Feeling grounded and connected to your heart and intuition.

+ Choosing yoga and self-care practices like prescriptions for the little imbalances that come up in life.

What if a healthier way of living was also a lot of fun?

My childhood was chock-full of antibiotics and surgeries. In my 20's I struggled with depression and took anti-depressants for awhile. But it wasn't until I danced with cancer that I really took my wellness into my own hands. I underwent conventional treatment, but I also started to look deeper for the roots of my ill-health.

My deep-dive brought me to Ayurveda. Often called the "sister science" of yoga, Ayurveda is an ancient and beautiful system for recognizing patterns in nature and in your own life. With the help of Ayurveda, you can identify and understand your unique expression in the world and make healthier and more pleasurable choices based on what's best for YOU.

Since 1998, I have studied natural healing in the US and in India. I am a certified Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Health Counselor and I've taught Yoga and Ayurveda since 2001.

In 15 years of work with individuals and groups, I have found that most of us are struggling with the same things:

"I know my body and my intuition are trying to tell me something, but how the heck do I listen...

...and do something about it?"

~myself and almost everyone I've ever met ;-)

I created Your Body: An Owner's Manual to help you answer this question.

Here's what's included:

13 yoga videos (15-60 min.) to connect you more deeply with your experience.

5 audio-meditation practices (5-20 minutes long) so that you can tune in.

12 PDFs full of recipes, creative activities and lessons to help you enjoy your life.

20+ succinct video lessons on the basics of Ayurveda and how they relate to you.

2 ask-anything group Q&A calls

6 weeks of email access to me for your more personal questions.

Access to a private FB group where you can connect to your classmates and me.

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Here's what some of my students have said:

"Working with Susan was both professional and personal. I felt her expertise shone through in her teachings, and her compassion rung true in her words and actions...So, thank you, Susan. I feel like my return to feeling grounded and in touch with myself and my new home started with your teachings. I am forever grateful!"

Heather M. Pediatrician

Susan's teaching beautifully strikes the balance between accepting you exactly where you're at and encouraging you to reach for a better lifestyle and better health.

She is knowledgeable, patient, frank and direct. She lives Ayurveda and it shows in how easily relevant these anciently-rooted principles become as she guides you.

I recommend her course highly, whether you're stark new to Ayurveda or very experienced and seeking subtle refinements."

Lopa van der Mersch
consultant, yogini, mama

Before working with Susan, I struggled to wake up in the morning. I was a new mom and didn't have the energy or desire to start my day.

Through yoga practices Susan taught me how to develop awareness of my body and daily and seasonal changes. I am so grateful that she steered me towards these tools that have lead to years of self-discovery. I am happy to say that I can now wake up before my daughters and begin my routine with joy.

That is the beauty – Susan knows how to present Ayurveda and ancient wisdom in a clear and accessible way to help make deep and lasting changes that anyone can manage."

April Miller Mcmurtry Artist, teacher, mama

People who want to work with Susan should be ready to dive into reality, to real experience, to showing up for yourself over and over again. Susan, thanks for helping me remember over and over again how wonderful this body of mine is!"

Katie Rablin
acupuncturist, mama

How do you know this course is for you?

This course will guide you on an amazing experience of self-exploration if:

+ You are excited by the idea of taking responsibility for your health, life and well-being.

+ You have a yoga or meditation practice and you would like to take it to a deeper level.

+ Or you don't yet have a yoga or meditation practice, but you would like to develop one.

+ You are a creative person, but feel like you sometimes get "stuck" during the process of self-expression.

+ You're not afraid of a little woo-woo, but you like it with a healthy side of bacon.

This course may not be for you if:

-> You want easy, cookie-cutter answers that "sorta" work.

-> You don't want to take on the work of getting to know yourself deeply.

-> You aren't willing to commit to take 20 minutes each day to take care of yourself.

Join Your Body: An Owner's Manual

This round is closed. Jump on the waiting list to be the first to know when I offer the course again!


Will I be able to follow this course even if I know nothing about Ayurveda and Yoga?

Yes. Very little Sanskrit terminology is used in the course. The concepts covered are universal and tangible. You will be provided all the tools you need--besides your body :-)--to understand and implement the course lessons.

Will the course material still be engaging for me if I do already have a yoga practice and I have read lots about Ayurveda?

Yes. The approach used by this course is very experiential and will definitely help you deepen your connection to the practical application of Ayurveda and Yoga in your life. It will also help you experience your Yoga or meditation practice on a much more embodied level. This is "rubber-meets-the-road", practical self-care.

What if I join the course and then discover it really isn't for me?

You can decide to leave the course and get a full refund up until the end of the first week.

How long will I have to complete the course?

Your Body: An Owner's Manual is not set up as a linear, sequential course. You will have access to all of the course materials forever (as long as there's an interwebs :-P), but you will gain access to each of the 6 modules over the course of 6 weeks and you will have access to me in the FB group for those 6 weeks. There will also be 3 live video Q&A sessions during the 6 weeks, which will be recorded. After the 6 weeks, all course materials are yours to keep.

I'm really busy. How long will this take?

The time commitment is really up to you. However, you will definitely get some great benefits from the course if you commit to spend at least 15-20 minutes per day truly focused upon the course materials.

Still have questions? Email me at:

I'm happy to help you figure out if YB:OM is a good fit for you.

Self Care is Self Prayer

P.S.: This is the 4th time I have run this course, and each time I have added a ton of value. If you join now, you will have lifetime access to everything that is in the course now, PLUS everything I add in the future.

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