Many women come to me with reproductive-system issues. Whether it’s an irregular cycle, difficulty getting pregnant, painful periods or uncomfortable peri-menopausal symptoms, it seems that most women deal with some difficulty when it comes to their reproductive systems.

There are so many tools for improving reproductive health and regularity from diet choices to herbs to simply getting more rest and better sleep. But one of the loveliest practices for connecting with that juicy, rhythmic cycle is Chandra Namaskar or “Moon Salutations.”

In the below video, you’ll learn to practice this sweet sequence. You’ll find that it is pretty similar to Surya Namaskar or “Sun Salutations” in many of the postures, however Moon Salutations are performed much more slowly and fluidly. The energy of the moon calls for softer, slower, deeper movement and breathing.

If you would really like to “juice up” the benefit of this sequence, Take a moment to visualize yourself standing at the edge of a body of water, with the moon softly reflecting off of the water. Cultivate a sense that you are “moon-bathing” before you start the sequence. If you can, keep up that visualization as you move through the sequence.

This practice should done after 12pm. Evening is the best time. Perform 1-7 repetitions (both sides) slowly.