Wanna know more about me?

When I discovered I was pregnant at 35, I knew big changes were coming. I had been saying that I wanted to write a book on bringing simple habits into daily life for years. Finally, I thought, I could take the time to sit down and do that while I stayed home caring for my little bundle of joy.


When my son turned 1 and I still hadn’t made any real headway on my project, my husband, my son and I moved to the south of France. Isolated and stuck behind a language barrier, I finally sat down and started writing a blog. The bi-weekly writing commitment I made to myself meant that I would at least write regularly. Two years later, back in the states, I have enough material for a book and I speak French well enough to teach Yoga and Ayurveda in French!

The investment seemed small at first, but it was a matter of reorientation. Pointing my nose in the right direction and allowing the wind to fill my sails. This is how we make changes that stick.

Wanna know EVEN MORE (like how I learned what I know)?

Maybe, like me, you didn’t always understand how to support your life…

I shouldn’t have been surprised by the time I received the phone call more than 12 years ago, but when I heard that I had cancer, I was struck speechless (which, if you know me, already says a lot).

I was lucky to have a form of cancer that is usually very treatable and mine had been caught fairly early. As lucky as I was, and even though I had already begun teaching yoga and studying Ayurveda when it happened, my cancer diagnosis changed everything for me.

Thank goodness for conventional medicine! Thank goodness for modern science and the possibility of snatching a little rebellious entity that would’ve eventually killed me dead, out of my body, and then backing that up with very targeted chemicals to ensure that any wily little cells that might have avoided forced exile won’t have the chance to rally and get another shot at my life.

Modern medicine is VERY good at emergencies.


Thank goodness also for nature! Thank goodness for real food and herbal medicine and earth, water, fire, air and space that support my life and deepen my experience of human-ness on a daily basis. Thank nature for its patience and persistence, its instruction by example and the ease it affords us when we stop pushing, and start leaning in to our life.

Nature is VERY good at supporting life (and death, when the time comes, it turn out).

There is a time and a place for every kind of medicine. After the immediacy of surgery and chemical treatment, I began the long, slow journey of healing my relationship with food, sleep and sex.

Since my brush with death, my passion for learning to support the whole range of human experience from birth into death has led me to some incredible places. I have continued to deepen my studies of Ayurveda studying in the US, apprenticing in a clinic in Berkeley and taking intensives with Michael Dick (formerly of the Ayurvedic Institute) and living a total of more than 2 years in India and apprenticing with Vijith Sasidhar, BAMS and Ashwin Shastry, BAMS in Kerala and Karnataka.

The unique lens Ayurveda provides continues to delight and surprise me, even as I appreciate the fundamental “right-ness” of its principles. It just makes sense to me like nothing else has before (or since, for that matter).

One of the beautiful things about Ayurveda is an emphasis on uniqueness of time and place, using any tools available to us in our environment. With this in mind, I have also reached outside of the classical Ayurveda toolbox to study western herbology and clinical practice at the California School of Herbal Studies and nutrition from the perspectives of both Taoist Medicine and the Westin A. Price Foundation. With a desire to understand more about the end of life and healing into death, I volunteered for 2 years with an amazing organization called Zen Hospice Project, sitting as a bedside companion to dying residents.

A few years ago, my appreciation for the wisdom of the body reached a new level when I became a mother. With the support of whole, real foods, herbs, yoga and bodywork I enjoyed a vibrant, healthy pregnancy and gave birth at home to my beautiful son.

I have enjoyed working with men, women and children at all stages of life since 2001 through Hatha Yoga and since 2005 through Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle recommendations. I have a soft-spot in my heart for women (especially mamas, mamas-to-be and mamas-who-want-to-be) who, like me, have had their struggles with health, but believe in our inherent capacity for healing and wellness when we learn to get out of our own way.