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Mama Medicine: Herbs for Colds and Flu

As much as we might hate to admit it, the main reason we get sick, is that we’re human. That doesn’t mean you have to get sick every time flu and cold season hits, but it does mean that it will happen sometimes.

And, in fact, most of the symptoms of the “common” cold are actually just the reactions of your immune system pouring white blood cells and secretions into your body to flood out the invaders.

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Mama Medicine: Diet for Colds and Flu

A few weeks ago, I asked my readers for post topic requests. I got many great ones, but this one seemed like it might be the most urgent:

“I wanted to ask for some help with my two year old who has recurring respiratory issues. He just recently recovered from pneumonia and now has a cold, a persistent cough and a fever after only three weeks. I’m feeling really stressed and overwhelmed…”

I have a lot to say about this, so I’m splitting it into 2 posts: one on diet for cold and flu support and prevention and one on herbal support.

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Elderberry Gummies with Nettles and Black Cherry

Recently my son has begun noticing more and more what the other kids get in their lunches at school. I know I won’t have veto-power in his diet forever, but I just can’t bring myself to pack him “treats”.

I wanted to make him a real treat that I felt really good about giving to him. Since he loves cooking with me, especially when there are herbs or medicine involved, we decided to make these really tasty and nourishing gummies.

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Abhyanga: Nourishing from the Outside In

As the wind whips up and sniffle season sneaks in, Ayurveda recommends preparing our bodies for the drier, colder weather of autumn and winter. Abhyanga, or oil massage, becomes more important than ever at this time of year.

As part of a daily routine, abhyanga can offer pretty wonderful benefits. It cleanses and nourishes the skin (our biggest organ of elimination!) and helps to regulate the doshas and move excess dosha back into the digestive system. Read more »

Mama Medicine: Fevers

This is the first in a series of posts on “Mama Medicine.” Each of these posts will offer an overview of a common childhood illness along with some suggestions for supporting the body in implementing it’s own healing wisdom. I am happy to try to honor suggestions or requests at any time. Also, if you have some wisdom to add, please feel free to comment below.


According to Ayurvedic legend, the god Shiva in his wrathful form as Rudra, gave birth to fever after a long spell of meditation. His focus had been disturbed by demons and in frustration he opened his third eye and burned them up with it’s laser-like beam. This points to the role of fever in burning up pathogens and other bodily burdens.

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Sprouted Mung Bean Dosas with Coconut Chutney

After my most recent trip to India, I found myself very inspired to try making Dosas at home.

In the south of India, dosas are made with something called Urid dal and rice. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to find Urid dal here in France (although I know that it is definitely available in the states and probably also in England, Canada and Australia).

So, that left me needing to experiment.

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Weaning: Baby’s First “Solid” Foods

New mothers often wonder if they need to know their baby’s constitution to help them choose what foods they should feed them. Actually, though, all healthy babies have very similar nutritional needs. If there is some chronic health issue present in a nursing or formula-fed baby, weaning them should, perhaps, proceed more slowly, but is otherwise basically the same.

There are many opinions about what first foods to give to baby, but most cultures agree on when to offer baby solid food. It is best for babies to be exclusively breast-fed for at least the first 4-6 months.

Baby’s First Solid Foods

We began offering food to our son when he was about 4 ½ months old. I had heard many suggestions for first foods that I liked (including egg yolk and bone broth), but in the end I began with the traditional Ayurvedic first food (and good staple) which is a mix of toasted basmati rice and mung dal cooked with ghee and spices. My body has always digested mung and rice well and I figured that Milo would do well with it too. In the beginning, I would wait for it to cool some and then add some breast milk to thin it out.


Store dry porridge mix in a clean, dry glass jar.

It took Milo at least a couple of weeks to practice his swallowing, so at first he wasn’t really “eating” that much. For that time, we offered it only once a day, still breast-feeding on demand. As he learned to swallow, he would usually eat a small bowl of it once a day and then twice a day.

Once it was clear that he knew how to eat—which took about a month or so—I began offering orange vegetables. I started with carrots cooked well and added to his porridge. Next I added butternut squash and sweet potato, each time waiting about a week before trying the next vegetable.


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