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The Importance of Sight

One night, years ago, I ate dinner with some friends who had just had a baby. As the sun set, one of my friends lit some candles, and we sat close in the dim light of their flames as the darkness gathered around us.

This, to me, seems to be the most singularly human experience. Community, drawn together around a fire, basking in the gift of its warmth and light.

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Hearing Your Life

Most weekdays, I spend a lot of time in front of my computer or at my jewelry workbench by myself. It can get a bit lonely and disconnected feeling.

Last week I ran a little experiment. I wanted to see how I could inspire myself and others to connect more with our experience. To slow down a bit and feel the world around us and also to reach through these funny inter-webs and connect more with each other, as well.

I have to say, the experiment was pretty successful. By the end of the week, each of us who played my Healy-Feely game had undergone some sensual healing. So, I wanted to share the wealth, starting with hearing.

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Finding the Middle Way

There was a time when I just KNEW that natural-alternative-vegetarian-non-conventional-medicine living was simply the best. For everyone. All the time.

I would pound my fists on the table in righteous indignation, preaching the gospel of fundamentalist-holisic-ism. When other people fell ill, I secretly wondered where they had gone wrong and thought “everything happens for a reason.”

And then I got sick. Well, it’s funny to say that, because I felt just fine.

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Ayurveda for Your Period: Pitta Dosha

In my last post, we looked at the Ayurvedic perspective on the menstrual cycle and what can happen to it when too much vata dosha—or wind and space elements—build up in your body.

In this post, we’ll explore the effects of excess pitta dosha—or water and fire.

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Moon Salutations (with video)

Many women come to me with reproductive-system issues. Whether it’s an irregular cycle, difficulty getting pregnant, painful periods or uncomfortable peri-menopausal symptoms, it seems that most women deal with some difficulty when it comes to their reproductive systems.
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I’m a Yogi and I Eat Meat

Once upon a time, many years ago, in far off India, I worked as a sort of governess/one-room schoolhouse teacher for a group of expat families. One of the mamas invited me to have dinner with them one night. “Just to let you know, it’s a meat night,” she warned me.

Two years before, her previously strict-vegetarian Indian partner had decided (upon discovering that she was anemic during her pregnancy) that if meat would be eaten in his house, he would prepare it and he would eat it.

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Yoga for Stress and Anxiety

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get stressed out ☺. Lying in bed some nights, I’m at the mercy of the thought spin-cycle in my head. Some days, I can find myself practically paralyzed by the thought of all the things I need to do. What if I pick to do the wrong one first?!


On those days (or nights) the first thing to do usually isn’t one of the things on that laundry list. It’s about 25 minutes of slow, simple yoga practice with deep breathing and re-rooting myself in my body. Read on for a yoga sequence video… Read more »

Dinacharya: How Daily Routine Connects us to Life

Sometimes freedom reveals itself in our ability to choose NOT to do something even more than in our ability to choose to DO something.

The practice of hatha yoga aims to deepen our experience of connection to the reality of the universe. The path of hatha yoga uses the tools of our senses to perceive our life and the world around us as it changes, expanding our sense of familiarity with Nature. When we “practice” asana or meditation we have the opportunity to practice becoming more and more embodied, more and more sensually connected to our life. The longer and more attentively we practice, the more this embodiment carries over into other parts of our life. Read more »

Of the Sun and the Moon: Ayurveda, Exercise and Yoga

Ok, it may be true that spring started a month and a half ago, but now we’re finally starting to feel the heat of the sun. And, it turns out, there is a good reason for that.

Saumya and Agneya

Ayurveda texts talk about 2 halves of the year: one more associated with the sun (when there are more than 12 hours of daylight) and one more associated with the moon (when there are more than 12 hours of night). The first half, when the sun dries the moisture of the atomosphere and heats the air, is referred to as agneya (“of agni”). The second half, when we are graced by the cooling, moist gaze of the moon, is called saumya (“of soma”). You could say that agneya and saumya are the ayurvedic equivalent of the “ha-tha” of yoga and the taoist concepts of yang and yin.

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