I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get stressed out ☺. Lying in bed some nights, I’m at the mercy of the thought spin-cycle in my head. Some days, I can find myself practically paralyzed by the thought of all the things I need to do. What if I pick to do the wrong one first?!


On those days (or nights) the first thing to do usually isn’t one of the things on that laundry list. It’s about 25 minutes of slow, simple yoga practice with deep breathing and re-rooting myself in my body. Read on for a yoga sequence video…



It may not cross things off of that crazy-time list I’ve got running like ticker-tape across my mind, but I can promise you that I have never regretted taking a step out of the crazy and dropping into my sensations. And while I usually prefer practicing for longer than 25 minutes when I do have the time, that length feels just about perfect for the moments when I don’t.


The sequence I return to again and again is one called “pawanmuktasana I,” or wind liberating posture sequence. This sequence feels perfect for those moments when the wind of instability and turmoil in your life seems to be bouncing off of your inner walls, just begging to be released from its prison.


The juice that elevates (or descends?) this practice to a deeper level is a gentle, persistent commitment to yourself to stay with the breath, the movement and your sensations.


The wind-liberating sequence may not make your worries go “poof,” but it takes that edge off of the urgency. And when you relax out of our fight-or-flight mode back into your parasympathetic nervous system, where you feel calm and safe, you will make better choices and take more clear action.


nightsquareIf you have a hard time settling down at night to sleep, this practice can be like a magic sleeping potion to set you up for deep, restful sleep.


Try this practice and let me know what you think.

What kinds of practices do you have for when the going gets tough?


This practice is just a small sample of what you would have access to in, Your Body: An Owner’s Manual.